While staying in Tokyo, enjoy with your children!!

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Welcome to Tokyo! Have you enjoyed the sights of Tokyo??

I work as an international nanny (with French children). I would like to introduce places in Japan where children can have fun.

Here, I will introduce places to visit where Japanese children learn. This time, it’s the National Museum of Nature and Science. National Museum of Nature and Science https://mammals3.exhibit.jp/en/

This is a place often visited by Japanese children for extracurricular learning, etc. It is designed for young children to feel science close to them.

And the price is very affordable!

Individual entry ticket: General, university students: ¥630
High school students and younger: Free Online tickets: https://www.asoview.com/channel/ticket/rPjyJortEM/ticket0000003731/?utm_source=ticket_direct

*Special exhibitions have separate fees.

On sunny days, you can also enjoy lunch in Ueno Park.